Finally published to the Terraform Cloud public registry

Hey everyone,

Great news! The Terraform modules that power the TNT Architecture and Super Router projects for “scaling” VPCs and TGWs in AWS have been published to the Terraform Cloud public registry at v1.0.0, like FINALLY! They can be composed together to build a decentralized hub spoke topology with automatic peering and routing for cross-region and intra-region VPC and TGW connectivity.

The modules are mostly the same as what’s in my Terraform development repo at v1.4.18.

Before (Dev version):

source = ""

After (Terraform Cloud version):

source  = "JudeQuintana/super-router/aws"
version = "1.0.0"

Definitely not a downgrade, it’s more of a confidence release.

This is my contribution to the Terraform and Cloud Networking communities.

And, of course, the TNT Architecture Demo and Super Router Demo have been upgraded, tiiiiiight!

~jq1 #StayUp #AoD


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